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What Customers Are Saying
The databases are well researched and documented, the programs are very easy to use, the reports are great and easily-exportable, and the support is outstanding.
Icon Karen C Duester, MS, RD, Food Consulting Company
The layout is very user-friendly and the databases are comprehensive and, with the support program, always up-to-date.
Icon Jim Kearns, Technical Director, World Flavors, Inc.
Genesis R&D is an outstanding program and it's going to be an invaluable asset to my new consulting company.
Icon Ron Verrier, NutriFacts Food Analysis and Marketing Co.
Do love the program; it is SO much more user friendly than what we were using.
Icon Mary Scanlon
I didn't expect to enjoy using the software as much as I do. Very well written program.
Icon Marg Alfieri
WOW! SQL Rocks... I give you folks an A+++++. Thank you for making my purchase decision very easy.
Icon Dr. Rob Pastore
I love my computer program. It is so useful and saves me so much time.
Icon Yvonne Kohsel
I cannot believe all the detail that this program offers. With out a doubt the best investment we have made here all year.
Icon Mark W. - Orlando

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Features and Solutions
Genesis R&D SQL USA
Genesis R&D SQL USA
PDF Download Product Overview
Genesis R&D SQL USA
Genesis R&D SQL Canada
PDF Download Product Overview
Genesis R&D SQL USA
Genesis R&D SQL Mexico
PDF Download Product Overview
Genesis R&D SQL USA
Extensive Database
PDF Download 37,000+ Items
Genesis R&D SQL USA
ERP & Integration Partners
PDF Download Compatiblity List
Genesis R&D SQL USA
Complete Solution
PDF Download Total Buisness Support
Genesis R&D SQL USA
Comprehensive Reporting
PDF Download Sample Reports
Genesis R&D SQL
Genesis R&D enables food technology professionals to automate both nutrient analysis and the creation of a variety of labels. With one click, users can automatically generate a Label complete with ingredient and allergen statements. Other Label formats include: Supplement Facts, Aggregate, Dual Declaration and the new Child Label.
Label Gallery
  • USA Aggregate
    The Aggregate Label is used when individual items are packaged together (a variety pack of breakfast cereals, for example). Information for each item is listed in a separate column.
  • USA Child
    Use the Child Label format for children under 4.
  • USA Dual Declaration
    The Dual Declaration Label is used when the food requires further preparation. One column lists information for the product as is, the other for the food as prepared.
  • USA Linear
    If the available labeling space is 40 square inches or less, and the shape cannot accommodate the horizontal, "side-by-side" or tabular formats, you may use the linear format.
  • USA Standard
    This is the most common label format. If space is available you should use this format. In some cases, there is not enough continuous vertical space to do so. In that case, you may use the "side-by-side" format and place the footnote to the right of the Label.
  • USA Tabular
    If the package does not have enough continuous vertical space or the total available space is less than 40 squre inches, you may use the tabular format.
  • Canadian Bilingual
    This Label will show both English and French and conforms to Canadian regulations.
  • Canadian Bilingual Aggregate
  • Canadian Bilingual Dual
  • Canadian Bilingual Linear
  • Canadian Bilingual Simplified
  • Canadian Bilingual Tabular
  • Canadian Dual Declaration
    The Canadian layout for the Dual Declaration differs slightly from the U.S. version.
  • Spanish Bilingual
    Spanish/English bilingual Label.
  • Spanish Bilingual Aggregate
  • Spanish Bilingual Dual
  • Spanish Bilingual Simplified
  • Spanish Linear Bilingual
  • Spanish Only
    This Label conforms to U.S. regulations, but displays the nutrients and other Label items in Spanish only.
  • Spanish Tabular Bilingual
  • Supplement Amino Acids
  • Supplement Multi-Vitamins
    This Label shows a multi-vitamin supplement that displays only NLEA-goverened nutrients.
  • Supplement Proprietary Blend 1
    These Labels display standard nutrients and a proprietary blend. Note the available formats for proprietary blend display.
  • Supplement Proprietary Blend 2
    These Labels display standard nutrients and a proprietary blend. Note the available formats for proprietary blend display.
  • Supplement Single Herb
    This shows the Suppelement Facts for a single herb without any other nutrients listed.
  • Supplement Split Layout
    This shows the split layout format.
  • Supplement Standard
    This format is for use with all supplements. Shown here is a standard Supplement Label with both NLEA-governed nutrients and other dietary ingredients.
  • Supplement Vitamins Dual Recommendations 1
    This Label shows %DV for two different age groups.
  • Supplement Vitamins Dual Recommendations 2
    This shows the %DV for different amounts of the supplement.
System Requirements
  • P4 processor (2GHz or faster recommended)
  • Internet Connection required for installation. DVD available on request for additional cost.
  • Minimum of 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • Client OS: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP1), Windows SBS 2011 (SP1), Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2 (Update1)
  • SQL Server versions supported: SQL Server 2005, 2008 (including R2), 2012 (including Express versions)
  • .NET 3.5 (depending on OS), .NET Framework 4.0
Genesis R&D SQL on a Mac

There are a few software options available to let your Mac run Genesis R&D SQL software:

Boot Camp

This software is included in Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and makes it easy to install Windows on any Mac with an Intel processor. As a "dual-boot" solution, when you start your computer, you have the choice of launching either Mac OS X or Windows.

This solution is suitable for two kinds of people: (1) those who want to run Windows exclusively and want to do so on Apple hardware or (2) those who want to run Windows applications occasionally and do not mind restarting their computer to switch to a different operating system.

Parallels Desktop
VMware Fusion

These are all types of "virtualization" software, which allow you to run Windows simultaneously with Mac OS X. In general, Windows runs as just another application in its own window. There is some communication between the two operating systems (e.g., copy and paste, mounting an OS X folder as a Windows drive letter). Unlike with Boot Camp, where the system requirements are no different from what you would otherwise need to run each operating system, with virtualization software you need decent system resources if you want reasonable performance.

This solution is suitable for people who want to run Mac OS X and Windows simultaneously and have the system resources to do so effectively.