PleSance Coconut Sugar (Cocos nucifera), Granular, Certified Organic
Product Code: CNPSG-O      Revision Date: 07/01/2013
Description: PleSanceTM Natural Coconut Sugar is produced from Coconut palm flower nectar. Coconut palms are found throughout the tropic and subtropical areas. Coconut Palm Sugar can be used as a natural sweetener, enhancing and improving the natural flavors of foods and beverages.
Appearance: Yellowish brown to brown granular
Taste: Typical coconut after taste
Odor: Typical coconut
Moisture: Max 4.0 %
Ash: Max 2.5 %
Sugars Reducing (w/w): Min 5.0 %
Total Sugar (as Saccharose, w/w): Min 88.0 %
Arsenic(As2O3): Max 1.0 ppm
Lead: Max 3.0 ppm
Copper (Cu): Max 12.0 ppm
Mercury (Hg): Max 0.1 ppm
Total Aerobic Plate Count: < 5,000 CFU / g
Yeast: < 200 CFU / g
Mold: < 200 CFU / g
Coliform: < 10 MPN / g
E. Coli: < 10 MPN / g
Salmonella: Negative / 25g
Store in a cool dry location (5- 25 C., < 60% R.H.) in an area with fresh, clean, circulating air. Protect from direct sunlight, microbial and other contamination.
Packed in 25 kg net weight polyethylene-lined cardboard boxes or multi-wall kraft bags