Genesis R&D SQL

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Genesis R&D SQL automates hundreds of tasks - product development, nutrition information presentation, labeling, and more - saving you time, money and the frustration of outsourcing for repetitious lab analysis. Using Genesis is like having a combination nutrition lab and label designer at your desk - one that gives you instant results and maximizes cost effectiveness.

Quick features. A database of more than 26,000 foods and food items, including raw materials, chemicals and food industry ingredients. Users can add an unlimited number of new foods and modify existing foods. Automatic nutrient analysis for up to 133 nutritional components, plus food exchanges, labels - Canadian, U.S., bilingual, standard, tabular, dual declaration, aggregate, etc. - for all your labeling needs, ingredient statements, trans fat data and label display option, cost entry & calculations, yield adjustments, moisture and fat processing, searching by group designation, expanded network capabilities, intuitive interface sophisticated, easy-to-use, ingredient search, progressive customization options, nutrition facts label, the power of an SQL database, the most up-to-date nutrition information, unparalleled customer service superior technology.

Why SQL? An SQL database allows the program to keep recipes, labels and ingredients as separate, distinct files. Searching is easier, organizing is cleaner. In addition, SQL uses true client-server architecture, so Genesis R&D SQL works more smoothly in multi-user environments. For instance, with the SQL edition, network administrators can manage the database independently of the program.

A few industry application for Genesis R&D SQL are as follows:
Food technologists
Food researchers
Nutriceutical developers
Dietary supplement developers
Laboratory managers/technicians

About the Database
Nutrient research is an important part of our commitment to quality nutrition software. The database team documents over 1,400 scientific sources of information. Our stringent research protocols insure that no database will give you more accurate results and a more complete ingredient selection. The extensive database includes raw materials, chemicals, and special food industry ingredients compiled just for Genesis customers. The database work is ongoing as the explosion of new foods enters the marketplace, and nutrient data is continually refined. Presently, with Genesis R&D, you can analyze for 133 nutrients and other factors, in addition to having the ability to add your own. It is one of the most comprehensive resources anywhere.

Genesis R&D SQL gives you the necessary tools to design and print custom labels in a variety of sizes and types including:
U.S, Canadian and Canadian bilingual
Dual declaration
Simplified and a variety of formatting options for each type
Labels are camera-ready bitmaps that can be easily printed or exported.

Each purchase of Genesis R&D SQL includes one full year of priority support. You have access to technical support, customer service, data researchers, dietitians and people knowledgeable about regulations and R&D needs. Priority support also includes automatic program and database updates, discounts on products and training seminars and much more. Priority support is your best way to get the most from your Genesis R&D software program.

System Requirements
Processor PII 300 MHz processor (PIII 500 recommended)
Operating System Windows NT (SP 6), 2000 (SP 3) or XP
(Home or Professional - SP1)
Memory 128 MB RAM
Hard Disk 350 MB of free space minimum
Other Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Revision Date: 05/24/2010