Garuda International
Garuda Headquarters

Garuda International Inc., based in Exeter, CA (USA) has specialized in the development, manufacturing and the marketing of ingredients derived from natural sources for more than 40 years.

Garuda's products provide a specialized nutraceutical and functional benefits to foods, animal feed, beverages, dietary supplements, CBD/Hemp Oil Industries, cosmeceuticals and agriculture. Garuda International Inc. is well known and globally recognized for the pioneering and development of natural milk calcium in the United States and the development and expansion of unique Quillaja saponaria extracts used by diverse industries across the globe.

Today Garuda International offers more than 60 products with a customer base spanning more than 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia. Many include well-known multinational food, cosmetic, dietary supplement, agricultural and pharmaceutical companies.

Garuda was built on and continues a long tradition of providing the finest ingredients with caring and dedicated customer service and support. We are committed to making a contributing to the preservation of the soil, the planet and the environment to support well-being for all. Garuda maintains memberships with the NPA, IFT, AHPA and the American Botanical Council.

Thank you for visiting our website. The entire Garuda International team sincerely appreciates your trust in our products, and we look forward to our continued successes together. Please contact us for any additional information, other technical documents, price quotations, samples, or any other assistance you may require.

Garuda Team

J. Roger Matkin
Founder / Team Leader

Mr. Matkin, founder of Garuda International, Inc., and its team leader brings with him, more than forty years' experience and vision in the nutritional foods, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and agricultural industries. His chemistry background and experience heading botanical growing and processing operations, have enabled Garuda to develop its innovative and technically effective ingredients. He has built the company based upon his personal philosophy that to achieve success, one must create success for others. He shares his philosophy of stewardship of the earth, sustainability and caring for others with the Garuda team and those with whom we do business. These founding principles and philosophy continue to guide Garuda International to this day.

Paul Hernandez
Logistics & Supply Chain Team

Paul Hernandez has dedicated more than a decade at Garuda to perfecting his skills in warehousing, logistics and customer service. Like the entire Garuda team, he sincerely cares about each and every customer and vendor, working cooperatively to support all those who engage with Garuda. Through years of experience and hands-on execution he shares his understanding about the intricacies of domestic and international supply chain logistics with our team and yours. Paul manages many aspects of Garuda's corporate headquarters and reaches out to clients and vendors worldwide to ensure exceptional response times and delivery of shipments.

Francisco Mora
Warehousing & Customer Care Team

Frank Mora brings a wealth of experience and insight from major food manufacturing and distribution operations. He is a critical thinker and caring team member who continually brings new ideas to improve efficiency in operations and customer care.

Jesse Cothran
Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance Team

Jesse Cothran contributes his wealth of more than twenty years' experience in the quality assurance and regulatory field. He guides Garuda's continuous quality improvement program and oversees domestic and international regulatory affairs.

Dion Shao
Asia/Pacific office Team

For more than a decade at Garuda, Dion Shao had been developing, guiding, and overseeing the company's operations in Guangzhou, China. Her many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, international logistics, quality assurance and customer relations enable her to serve Garuda's customers and manufacturing operations throughout the Asia/Pacific region, while supporting many facets of Garuda's USA based operations.