Garuda International

Regulatory Compliance

In a growing industry, where regulatory and technical requirements are key factors to product development, marketing and global growth, Garuda offers full support for its products by providing technical and regulatory expertise to suit our clients' needs. For example: In mid-April 2004, Europe implemented new regulations for the import and distribution of Nutraceutical products. In an effective and timely fashion Garuda provided full support to its clients, assuring a seamless transition to current compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Quality Systems

Adherence to Quality Systems

Garuda is diligently searching for excellence in Quality and is relentlessly improving its Quality System, reflecting ISO -International- and FDA-cGMP-Nationwide standards of Quality. Joining the Garuda family of cooperators, ensures you, that products purchased from Garuda, meet or exceed the highest Quality standards.

Product Profitability

When you purchase products from Garuda, a Certificate of Analysis is issued and supplied with each shipment. Garuda's Analysis Certificates are the result of careful performance using suitable analytical methods. When you formulate your products, precision is a key factor to obtain a result that meets your specifications. Your company will not need to worry about re-working formulations because the product supplied failed to meet specifications. Our extra efforts will save you money.

Product Profitability

Product Performance

Effectiveness and Product Performance

Garuda's line of products is the result of a careful selection of materials and critical assessment of its high quality vendors. Garuda strives to provide the best products available in the market, believing that YOUR success leads to ours. At Garuda we strive to develop long-lasting business partnerships as we create an ever-widening global family.

Timely and effective delivery of products and documentation

Garuda has adopted a policy that measures its Quality performance, including timely order fulfillment and response to clients' requests for technical and regulatory documentation. Being a member of Garuda's family of cooperators, reduces your wasted time looking for information you should have. We at Garuda value your business and highly respect your time so we aim to streamline all aspects of doing business with us.

Product Delivery