Garuda International
Aloe Vera Oil Extract
Product Code: AVOIL      Revision Date: 09/15/2004
Description: Oil extract of aloe vera leaves suitable for suntan oils and other cosmetic applications for addition to the oil phase of production
Appearance: Light yellow oil
Source Aloe barbadensis Miller (aloe vera Linne)
Process Aloe vera leaves are extracted using mineral oil as a solvent. The extract is packed hot into plastic pails or drums without the addition of preservatives. Garuda can also supply Aloe Vera Oil produced using safflower oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, or a blend of mineral and coconut oils.
Color 4 Gardner Maximum
Odor Characteristic vegetable odor
Arsenic(As2O3): Less than 1.5 mg/kg as As2O3
Heavy Metals (as Pb): Less than 10mg/kg as lead
Total Aerobic Plate Count: Less than 10 cfu/g
Yeast: Less than 10 cfu/g
Mold: Less than 10 cfu/g
E. Coli: Below detection limit