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Heli-FOS™ Jerusalem Artichoke Flour, Certified Organic Ingredient - Raw Material
Product Code: JAFBULKKG-O      Revision Date: 12/11/2017
Description: Certified Organic Whole Food Inulin alternative - Heli-FOS (TM) Jerusalem Artichoke Flour is a High FOS natural prebiotic food ingredient from the tubers of the wild sunflower (Helianthus tuberosus)
Appearance: Creamy white/light tan hygroscopic powder.
Raw material: 100% Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) tubers
Manufacturing Method: Tubers are harvested and washed thoroughly. The clean tubers are then dried, sterilized and ground into a powder.
Flavor: Nutty, slightly sweet
Organic Certification Oregon Tilth
Shelf Life Minimum two years in original sealed packages when held under suggested, controlled and protected storage conditions.
Moisture: < 10%
Total Aerobic Plate Count: < 50,000 CFU / g
Yeast: < 500 CFU / g
Mold: < 500 CFU / g
Coliform: < 100 MPN / g
E. Coli: < 10 MPN / g
Salmonella: Negative / 25g
Staphylococcus: < 10 CFU / g
Store in a cool dry location (5- 20 C., < 50% R.H.) in an area with fresh, clean, circulating air. Protect from direct sunlight, microbial, insect and other potential contamination.
Packed in polyethylene-lined multi-walled kraft paper bags or polyethylene-lined cardboard boxes containing 22.68 kg or 50 pounds net weight.
Certified Organic