Garuda International
SaponAID™ Ultra, Agro-Industrial Saponin Powder IG Ingredient - Raw Material
Product Code: TSSPD60IG      Revision Date: 03/07/2024
Description: SaponAID™ Ultra, Agro-Industrial Saponin Powder IG is a proprietary blend of plant-derived natural saponins with a minimum of 60% saponin content. It is highly water soluble and suitable for use as a superior surfactant/wetting agent, foaming agent, and as an air entraining agent. Natural extracts inherently are subject to variation. Values shown are typical and will vary slightly from lot to lot
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Particle Size: 100% through U.S. 80 Mesh
Surface Tension (Internal Method) ≤ 32.86 mN/m
Ingredients 100% plant extract of Camellia oleifera
Moisture: ≤ 6.0%
Ash & Volatiles ≤ 4.0 %
Heavy Metals (as Pb): ≤ 10 ppm
Lead: ≤ 2 ppm
Preservatives: No preservatives added
Saponin Content:(HG/T4492) ≥ 60%
pH (1% Solution) 5 - 6.5
Guaranteed shelf life of four years from manufacture date when stored at 5-22°C in original unopened container. Keep packages tightly sealed when not in use to prevent absorption of moisture from the air.
10 kg net weight in a pp-woven bag or multiwall kraft bags.
For industrial use only.