PleSance® Stevia Extract Powder

A Natural Sweetener

Product Code: STEVIARAPW1

PleSance® Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar, and other synthetic sweeteners including high intensity sweeteners such as Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose. Stevia is a shrub of the aster/chrysanthemum family with extremely sweet leaves which make Stevia one of the most desired high intensity natural sweeteners. Compared with Sucrose, Stevia is suggested to be approximately 200-300 times sweeter. Although Stevia was not allowed to be sold as a sweetener in the USA for many years, two new extracts with high glycosides and Reb-A content were presented to the FDA who have since issued "no objection" letters. The EFSA in Europe is also working on similar approvals and in April 2010 issued an updated positive opinion. As different Steviosides have different sweetness and flavor profiles, one of the more prominent Steviosides recently studied is rebaudioside A, which is noted for a clean and pure sweetness profile in Stevia.

Stevia has been the subject of extensive research demonstrating the nontoxicity of Stevia.

Garuda International only offers the purest Stevia to manufacturers. There are no bulking agents like Erythritol or Maltodextrin added to the product during the production process. Our process also only utilizes water with no harsh solvents in the manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance
Technical documents Available
Kosher & Halal
Quality Statement

Products may include the following:
Cereal (Hot & Cold)
Breads & Baked Goods
Yogurt & Dairy Products
Nutrition Health Bars
Juices, Teas & Beverages
Soy & Dairy Milk
Natural Preservative
Fruit Cocktails

Key Benefits of PleSance Stevia
Natural Sweetener
300 times sweeter than Sucrose
Zero Calorie per serving
Rich in Minerals
Kosher & Halal certified

Other Notables
High Purity
High Reb-A
High Glycosides - Minimum 97%
Extended Shelf Life
Suitable for Food and Beverages
Sweeter than Refined Sugar
Excellent Solubility
No Sugar Rush, No Crash Later
Table-top Sweetener
Lowers Glycemic Response
Ideal for Diabetics
Suitable for Weight Management
Excellent Taste Profile

Revision Date: 09/14/2011