PleSance® Agave Syrup, Dark Premium, Certified Organic

A Natural Sweetener

Product Code: AGAVESYRDP-O

PleSance® Agave syrup is an organically grown, natural alternative to sugar, synthetic sweeteners and corn syrup. Garuda's PleSance Agave syrup is produced from the Blue Agave (Agave tequilana) plant that is grown in Southern Mexico. The nectar of the Blue Agave plant is known as "aguamiel" or honey water in many parts of Mexico. It has been used by native peoples for thousands of years as a natural sweetener and a natural healing succulent. Our Agave syrup has a more neutral taste than honey, has a tremendously lower glycemic index when compared to sugar and has virtually no aftertaste when compared to synthetic sweeteners. Agave provides an excellent variety of function as a food ingredient that are similar to processed sugars, while still retaining a low glycemic index for the consumer.

Natural Sweetener
Organically Certified NOP & EC
Neutral Taste Profile
Kosher & Halal certified

Agave vs. Honey
Since Agave syrup is already in liquid form and has a low glycemic index, it is an excellent substitute for honey and other liquid sugars (e.g. maple syrup, brown rice syrup and corn syrup). In some regional markets, Agave also is highly cost effective over honey.

Agave vs. Sugar
Agave can easily be substituted for sugar because it is a real sugar (composed of fructose and glucose). Agave provides an excellent variety of function as a food ingredient (including browning, moisture retention, softening and food enhancement) that are similar to white and brown sugar, while still retaining a low glycemic index.

Organic Certification - USA- EU PleSance is certified USA USDA NOP and has also been issued a declaration of compliance to meet EU council organic regulations EEC 834/2007.

Quality Assurance
Technical documents Available:
Kosher & Halal
Organic Certificate
Quality Statement

Applications may include the following:
Cereal (Hot & Cold)
Breads & Baked Goods
Yogurt & Dairy Products
Nutrition Health Bars
Juices, Teas & Beverages
Soy & Dairy Milk
Condiments - BBQ sauce, ketchup etc.
Confectionary, Ice Cream, Jams
Fruit Cocktails

Over 1,600 hectares (4,000 acres) of privately owned organically certified Blue Agave plantations are located in the municipality of Tequila, Jalisco. A reserve of 49,000 hectares (10 million plants) of organic Agave is maintained in various states.

The Varieties of Agave we Offer
Light Premium - Amber
Raw Standard - Amber
Dark Premium - Dark Amber

The light nectar has a mild or neutral taste. This may be used in foods and drinks which have a delicate taste. The amber tend to have caramel notes, while the dark has a stronger caramel flavor. The raw product interestingly has a mild flavor.

Other Benefits
Does not Crystalize
Extended Shelf Life
25% Sweeter than sugar
No sugar high/rush
Table-top Sweetener
Available in bulk packaging

Glycemic Response
Agave syrup (or Agave nectar) is a natural sweetener with far fewer carbohydrates than refined sugars. Foods with few to no carbohydrates will likely result in a glycemic index close to zero. The fewer easily digested sugars and starches a food contains, the less likely it is to create a spike in blood sugar. Foods that raise blood sugar quickly trigger the release of the hormone insulin. Excessive releases of insulin and chronically high blood sugar and insulin levels are linked to Metabolic Syndrome (also called Syndrome X), which is a complex of health disorders. Associated ailments include type II diabetes, abdominal weight gain, obesity, problems with blood lipids (raised triglycerides and cholesterol) and high blood pressure.

Revision Date: 09/14/2011