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B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber GF (70% oat beta-glucan) Gluten-Free Ingredient - Raw Material

Gluten-Free Oat Bran Concentrate - Betafiber - betaglucan - For beverage cosmetic nutraceutical formulation

Product Code: OGLUCAN70GF

B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber's 70% oat beta-glucan GF raw material is a Gluten-Free soluble fiber ingredient derived from the oat's (Avena sativa) endosperm cell walls. It is a natural polymer comprised of individual glucose molecules that are linked together by a series of Beta-(1,3) and Beta-(1,4) linkages, comprising a class of non-digestible polysaccharides called beta-D-glucans (betaglucan). This unique array of linking supports several consumer health benefits. It may lower the risk of coronary heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol, hypertension, glycemic response and stimulating immune cell function. B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber (70% oat beta-glucan) raw material is a free flowing ingredient powder that contains 23 times more betaglucan than typical oats and is tested to be Gluten-Free (<20 ppm gluten). Because of its neutral taste and color it is an ingredient that may be used in a wide variety of formulations in the food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. The US FDA allows a qualified health claim for soluble fiber from certain foods that reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).

• US FDA CHD Heart Health Claim


• Gluten-Free (<20 ppm)

• Neutral Color and Flavor

• Non-GMO

• Water-soluble

• Highly concentrated source of soluble oat fiber (beta-glucan)

• Immune Support

• Well suited to beverage, cosmetic & nutraceutical formulations

B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber's 70% oat beta-glucan GF raw material is 10 - 12 times more concentrated than regular Oat Bran. It is a water soluble ingredient. It is manufactured from Non-GMO Oats. B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber's 70% oat beta-glucan raw material's preferred viscosity is ideal for beverages, foods and nutraceuticals. It is a highly palatable ingredient with a neutral taste and color profile. B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber's 70% oat beta-glucan raw material contains an exceptionally high concentration of pure beta-glucan. Tested to be gluten-free (<20 ppm gluten).

Quality Assurance
Full Certificate of Analysis that meets Garuda International's exacting standards for purity, quality and safety is included with every shipment.

US FDA GRAS (Self-affirmed, no objection)

B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber's 70% oat beta-glucan GF raw material is available as a free-flowing powder that is water-soluble and has a neutral taste and color. It can be used in dietary supplement capsules & tablets, liquids, smoothies, baked goods, breakfast cereals, semi-solid foods, meal replacement beverages (MRB's), protein powders, nutrition bars, confections and other applications targeted towards CHD and immune support. B-CAN® Soluble Oat Fiber's 70% oat beta-glucan raw material's high concentration enables the inclusion of effective levels of beta glucan in a variety of applications where it was not previously possible.

Review your use of this ingredient with your professional and legal counsel to determine its appropriatness for use and claims.

Revision Date: 06/18/2018