Garuda International
Foamex® Yucca Schidigera Extract NP Raw Material (Food Grade)
Product Code: YUCEXTNP

Garuda international's Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP is a raw material made from the concentrated purified extract of the mohave yucca plant (Yucca schidigera), spray dried onto maltodextrin at a fifty percent concentration of water soluble yucca extract solids to maltodextrin solids. No preservatives are added to this natural ingredient. The Yucca schidigera plant is native to baja California (Western Mexico) and the Southwestern U.S. This ingredient is a tan to light brown powder and can be diluted easily and quickly to any level in many formulations.

Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP raw material is standardized to contain fifty percent water-soluble extracted yucca solids, by weight. This ingredient provides a preservative free source of Yucca suitable for use by the food, cosmetic, and feed industries.

Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP is a natural foaming agent ingredient and a mild non-ionic surfactant rich in saponins. This raw material is perfect for replacing synthetic harsh surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate and others. Yucca Extract raw material is considered a natural foaming agent. Garuda's Yucca extract raw material is also known for its gentle cleansing properties. It may be used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of shampoos, and other foaming cosmetics or for formulationg natural vegetable washes without the use of artifically saponified fats or vegetable oils.

Yucca Schidigera Extract Powder NP raw material can be used in the formulation of foaming beverages such as root beer, carbonated foamy drinks and low-alcohol or no-alcohol beer.

Other uses of this ingredient have been found in the dietary supplement (nutraceutical) industry.

Yucca is known for its mild cleansing properties. This ingredient has an ethnobotanical history as a natural shampoo and soap used by Native Americans. Garuda's Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP will not impart the dark color or bitter burnt tastes that can be common in some other commercially available Yucca extract ingredients. It is one of the few Yucca raw materials that does not contain preservatives.

Quality Assurance
Each batch of Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP raw material is subjected to comprehensive analytical testing to assure it meets all of Garuda's stringent product specifications. Certificates of analysis are supplied with all shipments of this ingredient. Guaranteed to be 100% water-soluble and contain 50% Yucca extract solids.

Mohave Yucca Schidigera, is approved for use in Food and Beverages (GRAS) by the United States FDA under Title 21 CFR 172.510, FEMA number 3121.

Yucca Schidigera Extract Powder NP can be used to prepare natural shampoos and foaming cosmetics or liquid soaps. Natural fruit & vegetable washing soaps are a new application. Yucca's natural antibacterial and antiviral properties have also been utilized in new products. In the beverage industry, Yucca extract is used to prepare root beer, slush products, frozen carbonated beverages, foamy cocktail mixes, beer, juice & wine coolers. This ingredient is especially useful for maintaining natural foaming in low alcohol and no-alcohol beers.

Yucca has long been used by the health foods (nutraceutical) industry in the U.S.A. as a healthy nutrient raw material. It is pressed into tablets or it is mixed with water and alcohol to produce liquid tincture type products. These nutraceutical products are sold as premium healthful supplements. Yucca is also used in animal feeds for the reduction of waste odors and for increasing the absorption of nutrients.

Another area that Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP can be used, is in waste treatment. The natural saponins in Yucca support the bacteria that are necessary to break down organic wastes quickly.

Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP raw material has a shelf life in excess of two years without loss of foaming ability or ingredient integrity.

Yucca schidigera Extract Powder NP is packaged in double polyethylene-lined fiber drums or cardboard boxes containing 20 kg, 25-kg and 50-lb (22.67 kg) net weight.

Native Americans used the Yucca to treat external wounds, and also as a dandruff shampoo.

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