Garuda International
LesstanoL Octacosanol 95
Product Code: OCTA-95

Garuda's LesstanoL brand Octacosanol contains a highly purified waxy alcohol derived from sugar cane wax. It is standardized to 80-95% 1-octacosanol (octa-95). Octacosanol is the most well known of the aliphatic alcohols containing a straight 28-carbon chain.

Dietary supplements: LesstanoL brand Octacosanol can be used to prepare various types of dietary supplement tablets or capsules. A few applications include sport and endurance, weight management, energy enhancing "bars" or drinks and dietary supplements. Octacosanol may also be a valuable additive to libido enhancing products. Beverage uses: LesstanoL brand Octacosanol 95 can be used to formulate sports-type, electrolyte replacement and carbohydrate-loading beverages. Various value-added, health-oriented beverages can be prepared using LesstanoL Octacosanol in combination with an emulsifier.

3 year minimum shelf-life. Store in a cool, dry environment protected from heat and sunlight.

Packed in 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg sealed polyethylene-lined bags in cardboard boxes.

Revision Date: 09/14/2011