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SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast Powder Raw Material

(100% Organically-bound Selenium Yeast Raw Material)


SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast raw material is a high-potency (1,200 mcg/g), 100% organically-bound selenium yeast powder ingredient. As a natural nutritional food source, yeast replicates the mineral conversion process performed by most plants (i.e. garlic, broccoli). This natural plant process converts inorganic (low bioavailability, potentially toxic) minerals to safer organic (high bioavailability) forms for improved nutrient utilization. SelenoExcell is a top quality selenium yeast powdered ingredient supported by a Clinical Trial Agreement with the Cancer Prevention Division of the National Cancer Institute and also selected by leading research teams for a series of health and cancer related studies based on its organic certification and strictly controlled quality as demonstrated by its minimal batch-to-batch variation.

Starts with a primary grown, pure culture yeast strain.
Natural powder raw material of selenium in 100% organically bound form
Provides a wide variety of selenium compounds including amino acid complexed, lipids and cellular by-layers in a uniform powder.
Controlled to provide minimal batch-to-batch variation as a natural ingredient powder.
Selected by leading cancer and health research groups as an approved raw material.
Uniform size and shaped particles meeting stringent ingredient mesh requirements.
Recently received independent GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval.
Superior Quality Specifications for a Selenium Yeast raw material powder.

SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast has been selected as the intervention agent ingredient in a series of cancer and health related studies. The product has gained the confidence of researchers, government-funded organizations and numerous privately funded health organizations. These collective research efforts in investigating the positive health benefits of selenium will assist in raising public awareness of selenium supplementation.

SelenoExcell high Selenium Yeast raw material powder functions well when utilizing most production methods employed by nutraceutical companies. Whether producing capsules, tablets, hard gels or soft gels, the spray-dried powder form of SelenoExcell high Selenium Yeast ingredient provides the finished product manufacturer an ideal selenium yeast raw material. As a result of the recent GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval and classification, SelenoExcell high selenium yeast may now be added to many foods and beverages.

Antioxidant Enzyme
In 1973, Dr. J.T. Rotruck of the University of Wisconsin and his colleagues discovered that selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme produced in the human body. This resulted in selenium's essential-nutrient status. Selenium is not an antioxidant in the classical sense, but is an essential component of endogenous antioxidant enzymes, such as glutathione peroxidases. Glutathione peroxidases are the most studied selenium-containing antioxidant enzymes. These antioxidants protect the water-containing structures in the body, particularly the cell interiors, but also outside the cells and within the bloodstream. Glutathione peroxidases protect cells against damage by halting free-radical chain reactions involving lipid peroxides (rancid fats) and hydroperoxides (oxidized chemicals). They do this by using glutathione as a hydrogen donor, which neutralizes the free radical by restoring electron balance. Selenium also indirectly protects cell membranes and lipoproteins (the lipid-containing parts of the body). Although selenium-containing enzymes are not stored in the bi-layered cell membranes, they do act on both the interior side of the cell membranes and the extracellular surfaces of the cell membranes and lipoproteins, thus protecting these areas from inside and outside of the cell.

SelenoExcell Independently Certified GRAS
SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast raw material has been independently self-certified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use in several food categories. The determination was based on scientific protocols including the safety assessment criteria established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Revision Date: 01/04/2013