Garuda International
LesstanoL Policosanol 60 (Polycosanol) Raw Material

Sugar Cane Wax Policosanol

Product Code: OCTA-60

LesstanoL brand Policosanol (or polycosanol) raw material contains naturally-occurring waxy alcohols (fatty alcohols) derived from sugarcane wax. Garuda's LesstanoL Policosanol 60 (OCTA-60) ingredient contains a minimum of 90% Policosanol of which 55-70% is 1-octacosanol along with other associated higher aliphatic alcohols in specific ratios unique to sugarcane wax, including tetracosanol, hexacosanol and triacontanol.

Unlike other ingredient forms of aliphatic fatty alcohols mixtures such as those derived from rice bran wax, bees wax, wheat germ and other plant and insect waxes, LesstanoL policosanol (polycosanol) raw material is derived solely from pure sugarcane wax, is a preferred source of Policosanol. This is most likely because sugarcane wax derived aliphatic fatty alcohols as a raw material, have the highest content of 1-octacosanol and it has very specific ratios of aliphatic fatty alcohols that are not found in rice bran wax, wheat germ wax, bees wax or other types of raw material waxes.

Quality Assurance
Full quality assays are done on every batch of LesstanoL Policosanol (polycosanol) raw material by an independent state certified testing laboratory before the batch is released from Quality Control. Ingredient analyses conducted include full fatty alcohols profile, heavy metals profile, full microbiological profile and periodically, full pesticide residue screening. An analysis certificate accompanies each shipment of this raw material to assure you that you are receiving the finest quality ingredient available.

LesstanoL brand Policosanol (polycosanol) raw material can be used as an ingredient to prepare various types of dietary supplement tablets or capsules. Because Policosanol is oil soluble and used in such small concentrations (5-10 mg/serving), this ingredient can also be added to high fat systems such as vegetables oils, margarine, salad dressing, nut butters and spreads.

3 year minimum shelf-life. Store this raw material in a cool, dry environment protected from heat and sunlight.

This raw material is packed in 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg sealed polyethylene-lined bags in cardboard boxes.

Revision Date: 09/14/2011